Canadian PET EXPO:  Canada's Family Pet ShowCanadian PET EXPO 2004:  Canada's Family Pet Show
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Canadian PET EXPO 2004
Products and Services

Canadian PET EXPO 2004 will feature exhibitors from all facets of the Canadian Pet Industry. Products and services at this year’s show include:
  • Pet Breeders
  • Pet Retailers
  • Pet Manufacturers and Distributors
  • Pet Food for all types of pets 
  • Pet Enclosures: kennels, crates, runs, portables, fencing, housing
  • Pet Accommodations: Boarding kennels, travel, vacation friendly, and specialty facilities
  • Pet Associations: associations for all pets, as well as animal shelters and specialty associations (e.g. professional and amateur groomers)
  • Obedience: Training, development, products and services
  • Pet grooming products and services
  • Government Agencies, Pet Education and Training: Pet relationships, pets as helpers and friends, pet health habits
  • Pet Products and services: Pet toys, clothing, accessories, Pet photography, Pet themed products, art decals, pins, ceramics, t-shirts, specialty items
  • Pet artists
  • Pet odour, scoopers, etc
  • Home related products
  • Media: Publications, videos, magazines, newsletters, CDs, computer friendly pet software, and much more
  • Pet Health Care: products, services, I.D., insurance, etc.
  • And much, much more!!
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